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A belt dryer is the perfect solution for you company

A belt dryer from Dutch Dryers BV is the perfect solution. You will achieve ideal drying results. It is perfect to dry matter with a high moisture level. After drying it, it can be turned into a usable dry product. The belt dryer uses low value or even residual heat. A belt dryer is entirely undertaken in-house, making this the perfect dryer for ensuring optimal quality products. Moreover, you can count on quick delivery.

You can count on quality products

Dutch Dryers BV are specialized in designing and producing various bespoke drying systems, intended for industrial use, such as a belt dryer. Their solutions are being used all around the world by a wide variety of companies. Their systems are being used for drying grass, wood fibre, sewage sludge, straw, and a lot more.

How does a belt dryer work?

A belt dryer uses a flow of hot air. This air has a temperature of 50 °C and is already adequate to achieve amazing drying results. A belt dryer performs by transferring the material on a moving conveyor belt, with hot air being sucked through the material. This way, the belt dryer dries the material in a perfect and quick way. Furthermore, a belt dryer is an especially ecological solution when the required drying capacity is minimal.

Do not hesitate to contact these experts

Are you interested in a belt dryer or one of their other solutions for drying various materials? Or do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact these experts. They are eager to help you out with their bespoke solutions. These experts built both belt dryers and drum dryers, so that they always offer a fitting system for your drying needs. You will find their phone number as well as their e-mail address on their website.