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Acoustic Wall Panels

Sound proofing a room or adding acoustic support can be done with ease and with a touch of style. Acoustic items can be added to the office in different forms and will be effective in absorbing noise and removing some of the daily distractions we face on a daily basis.

Acoustic office screening is generally the first choice of office furniture as it brings colour, a freestanding or desktop style and a reduced volume for the staff members. However great the freestanding screening is, it can be too much of a barrier and in smaller spaces could be an obstruction.

In smaller office spaces, you’ll be wanting to maximise the floor space and decrease the amount of furniture. This is where the acoustic wall panels are a fantastic option for many reasons.

What can acoustic panels add to your space?

–          With the range of shapes and sizes, you can create a feature wall or a fancy design that allows you to bring a focal point into the room.

–          The acoustic panels use the same foam as the screening, so the acoustic properties can still be achieved.

–          The slimline design ensures the acoustic panels aren’t intrusive and that you maximise floor space.

–          The fabric ranges are full of colour and a great selection of shades. Use colours to follow your branding and enforce the company colours.

–          Acoustic wall panels provide the perfect solution between open plan and acoustic office spaces. The office remains open but with the quirky wall panels the noise will be reduced.

–          Reducing noise levels has been known to increase productivity and motivation.

–          Without freestanding screens you taking away any health and safety queries you may have as they are out of the way and not in contact with employees.

Any piece of acoustic furniture will result in benefits for your office and it’s even better if you can tick other boxes such as style and colour. All that’s left to do is to choose the right shape and create a configuration to be proud of.