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Anticipation anxiety stops here

Do you suffer from anticipation anxiety? Then this article about anticipation anxiety is for you. In this article Nick de Waard, expert in the field of mental health and panic attacks, describes what it is like to be afraid of situations that are yet to come.

The article is in Dutch, so please use the translate button.

What is Anticipation Anxiety?

If you are afraid of any fear in the future, that means anticipation anxiety. This form of fear is only in your head and is not the truth. Someone who is afraid of possible fear in the future has often experienced something traumatic that caused a lot of fear. We don’t just forget a traumatic event. Our subconscious stores all experiences and takes it all into life.

Someone who has experienced something traumatic may be afraid of the same wave of fear again in the future. This means anticipation anxiety.

How do you deal with anticipation anxiety?

Nick de Waard has developed a good method whereby you can get rid of your anticipation anxiety step by step. He calls this “The Golden Triangle Method”. With this method you will work with 3 important pillars: self-realization, meditation and nutrition.

By talking about your fear you can put the fear into perspective. That’s why having a conversation is so important. The fear is only in your head and is therefore not the truth. Talking about this with an expert (like Nick de Waard) makes it easier to get over your anticipation anxiety.

If you want, you can always contact Nick. You can always start a conversation and ask what he can do for you. Anyway, he helped me a lot. Fortunately, I also got rid of my anticipation anxiety thanks to Nick de Waard.

A life with fear does not have to be forever, you can also get rid of it.

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