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FIFA 21: Build A Great Team With Spanish La Liga Cheap Players

Having enough money to build your team is the most important thing about FIFA Ultimate Team, that’s why many players spend so many hours playing this intense and addictive game mode because getting more coins is the only thing that can improve the quality of your squad.

Some players decide to buy FIFA Coins PS4, Xbox One, PC at U7BUY to save a lot of time and thus be able to buy their favorite players. However, there are never enough coins and it is necessary to know how to take advantage of the quality of the players who are cheap in the FUT transfer market, especially when you are starting to play this game mode.

That’s why we built a team made up of Spanish La Liga players who are not as coveted in the FUT market or as famous in real life but can fulfill their role effectively on the pitch and allow you to ascend FUT leagues to compete against the best FIFA players.


The goalkeeper for this team is Jesús Pacheco from Alavés. Pacheco is a player who was trained in the lower divisions of Real Madrid, so his ability to save has been proven since he was a child.

Pacheco is a goalkeeper with very good reflexes, so it will be difficult for the rival forwards to score a goal with long shots.


The defense of the team is in charge of De Marcos, Bartra, Nacho Fernández, and Marcelo. These four players are skilled with the ball and will allow you to come out with the ball dominated from the bottom.

Beyond the fact that none of these four defenders can be described as a very fast player, the truth is that they are capable of complementing each other very well because they have a decent speed that allows them to carry out the necessary coverage in transitions.


The middle of the field is occupied by Merino, Odegaard, and Llorente, three players with excellent ability to pass the ball and break the defensive lines with lethal filtered passes.

Besides, Llorente’s speed allows him to cover a lot of space in transitions, as well as being a surprise attack threat due to his physique.

For their part, Merino and Odegaard are two excellent midfielders who can maintain possession for a long time because of their dribbling and passing ability.


The forward line is integrated by Lucas Vázquez, Iago Aspas, and AnsuFati, three fast forwards with good shooting skills in close and medium distance shots and will not waste many scoring chances.

The speed of AnsuFati is key in this team, since it is the best offensive card to unbalance the defense of the opposing team, especially in counter-attack plays that need to overflow the band to open the court and leave the center forward alone against the goalkeeper.


José Bordalás – Getafe CF.

FIFA 21 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and PC. The FIFA 21 release date for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S hasn’t been confirmed yet.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)