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FIFA 21 – Career Mode Starting Players With The Highest OVR Growth Potential

FIFA 21 Career mode gives players total control over their teams. Having high OVR footballers is every manager’s dream. However, a good manager also has to know how to scout for fresh talent that has the potential to turn into amazing players. Here are some of the players available in Career mode on launch day.

These players have the highest OVR growth potential. They are young players so their starting OVR is low but they have considerable potential to develop into football legends.

Danny Levya is a center midfielder with 56 OVR. His attributes are 59 pacing, 58 shooting, 51 passing, 55 dribbling, 46 defending, and 50 physical. His OVR growth potential is 25 so this player might have 81 OVR in the end.

Luca Netz from Hertha BSC has 63 OVR. He could reach 86 OVR. His current stats are 69 pacing, 36 shooting, 44 passing, 58 dribbling, 62 defending, and 61 physical.

Fagan-Walcott from Tottenham Hotspur has 60 OVR. He is a center back with 64 pacing, 29 shooting, 44 passing, 49 dribbling, 59 defending, and 65 physical. He could have 83 OVR by the end of the season.

Jarrad Branthwaite from Everton is another center back with OVR potential. For now, his rating is 59 but it could grow to 82. His stats are 54 pacing, 29 shooting, 38 passing, 43 dribbling, 58 defending, and 63 physical.

Pizzuto from LOSC Lille is a center defending midfielder with 59 OVR and 58 pacing, 42 shooting, 53 passing, 56 dribbling, 56 defending, and 59 physical. His growth potential is 23.

Ricky-Jade Jones from Peterborough United has 59 OVR with 92 pacing, 58 shooting, 50 passing, 58 dribbling, 27 defending, and 56 physical. He could end up with 82 OVR.

Rekik is a center back with 63 OVR. His attributes are 68 pacing, 35 shooting, 38 passing, 46 dribbling, 64 defending, and 64 physical. His end of the season OVR could be 85.

Dennis Cirkin is a left back that currently has 61 OVR. His attributes are 63 pacing, 39 shooting, 44 passing, 58 dribbling, 61 defending, and 56 physical. His OVR could increase by 22.

Lucas Chevalier is a goalkeeper for LOSC Lille. He has 61 diving, 58 handling, 62 kicking, 64 reflexes, 25 speed, and 58 positioning. His current OVR is 61 and it could be 83.

Ruiz-Atil is a center midfielder with 60 OVR and 67 pacing, 53 shooting, 61 passing, 67 dribbling, 45 defending, and 38 physical. His OVR growth potential is 22.

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