High-quality cryogenic valves designed by a leading manufacturer


Are you looking for a Dutch company that specializes in designing, engineering, and producing tailor-made cryogenic valves? Redpoint, based in The Netherlands, is a fast-track valve manufacturer, with 30+ years of experience, that supplies a tailored valve for every specific situation. They have provided products and services to different industries, such as: the oil and gas industry, petro-chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil production, offshore and onshore, oil refineries, gas storage, power generation, fertilizer industry, PTA industry and other industrial processes. All of the valves are from European Origin and will be delivered in a very short about time on the desired location.

A wide range of different products

Redpoint manufactures and supplies high-quality cryogenic valves to a large variety of industries, with a production range covering different products, such as: Ball, Globe, Gate, Check, Double Block & Bleed and special valves on customer specification. The company has a large international network of costumers as well as local trading houses, that enables them to serve end-users anywhere in the world. The valves that this company design and manufacture are in accordance to the industrial standards like BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1, depending on customer requirement, service condition, material, pressure, temperature rating as well as other technical and environmental requirements.

Learn more about the company

Redpoint has approvals and references from major end users and EPC companies and provides clients all over the world with high-quality products with a long lifespan. Are you interested in purchasing specific cryogenic valves conform your specifications, designed and manufactured by a leading company? Or do you have any questions regarding the services and products that Redpoint supplies? Please contact the sales department and request a quotation. The experts will provide you with professional advice and will help you to find the right solution for your company. Get in touch to learn more!