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Hiring your first employee

Once you know what kind of employees you need, take out your calculator and use math and data to help determine whether hiring new employees and letting them take over your tasks can really lead to more sales or business growth. If these numbers tell you that you can’t afford new employees, or you don’t see how hiring them can help your profits, then you may not be ready to hire. Another area to consider is whether you need full-time employees, freelancers or contractors. Independent freelancers or contractors can handle certain tasks within a certain period of time and charge you accordingly. They may be a good solution for small businesses that need help but are not ready for full-time employees.


For example, suppose you need to create some online ads, but you don’t need a full-time designer. You might consider hiring a freelancer for a week to produce the assets you need. However, sometimes working with freelancers and contractors can be tricky. If you need to use them in large quantities, it will become expensive, and since they are not your employees, they may not have time to handle all your needs. If you need extra help consistently and want someone to be part of your team culture (and help you grow your business), then bringing in a full-time employee might be a good idea.

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Export your car and registration certificate

If you want to export your car, you must also arrange something for the registration certificate, after all, your car will leave the country and the registration no longer needs to be registered in the Netherlands. You can register your car for export at the RDW Inspection Station or the RDW Service Point. The RDW or a company recognized by the RDW deregisters the car from the vehicle registration register, after which the registration of the vehicle registration certificate ceases immediately.

You will receive a paper certificate of registration Part II, also known as an export registration number. This includes the name and address of the person exporting the vehicle. The combination of registration certificate and paper has the function of export registration certificate. This certificate allows you to drive your car abroad on public roads in the Netherlands for a maximum of 14 days.

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