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Looking for an optimal working atmosphere and more productivity?

Looking for an optimal working atmosphere and more productivity? 


Why does an inspiring office layout increases the commitment and productivity of your employees ? 


In many cases, our current office design is an impersonal and loveless designed space. Research shows that 67% of workers feel little emotionally connected with their working environment. Time to do it differently! Real increase in employee involvement starts here.


The sociology tells us that people live in three different situations: the ‘First, Second and Third Places’:


1. Our home Under pressure from the increased flexibility and mobility 2. The Office 3. Our free time


The sweet spot is of course right in between the second and the third Place. Do you know the favourable incentives from the third Place to the second Place, then you can create the ideal working environment. Then your employees will experience meaning, fun, success and fulfillment.


Your inspiring working environment: pure science


The system of Office Layout 2.0 focuses on the optimal arrangement, on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge. These include special colours and furniture, that fit the specific organisation. It is a professional stimulation of the senses, which for years has been used in successful shopping centres and theme parks. The right acoustics, plants, materials, lighting and even scents increase the fun, creativity and performance urge.



Smart design and layout


Office Layout 2.5 spreads the main office locations smartly over your floor plan. This includes modern central storage possibilities, technical zones and meeting areas of great value. Teamtables that are properly placed, as well as benches and meeting rooms will foster the internal communication of employees, because these offer plenty of space for meetings between colleagues within and outside the departments they are working.


The inspiring working environment will be an ergonomic example: fully in line with the work processes in your company, with the possibility of sitting, standing or even running at work. Also afternoon naps are part of Office Layout 2.0, because research has shown that employees will as a result, perform arguably better than their ‘awake’ colleagues.


9 reasons for Office Layout 2.0

    1. Attention to the emotional needs of your employees


    1. Social community with personal interaction between colleagues


    1. Improved sense of purpose, fun, success and fulfillment


    1. Greater involvement with your company


    1. Battles sick leave


    1. Lower staff turnover


    1. Higher productivity


    1. Applicable for each property and in every organisation, regardless of industry type and size


    1. Clear investment with great return (Fraunhofer Institute IAO: performance growth up to 36%)

How does moving more lead to a  48% higher productivity?


Healthy employees are more productive, happier and longer employable. Through the use of Dynamic workplaces people are invited and motivated to stand and move more and more often. Time to begin to move!


Why work standing behind a desk?


These days people spend 9.3 hours a day sitting. That accounts to more hours than sleeping. It is not surprising that more and more companies have to deal with employees who cannot work for a long term or less are doing because of absenteeism, stress-related complaints, burn-out, obesity and heart disease. Become a pioneer in your industry and bring in more movement in your Office!


The facts of working standing behind a desk at a glance:

    • Walking increases the creativity with 60%;


    • When people work standing for 3 hours a day during a year, people can loose 8KG in weight.


    • Your employees will be 20% more productive and will be absent 20% less;


    • Involvement reduces the cost of staff turnover with 46%. Sitting is the new smoking. Come on, get moving and increase the productivity of your employees, whilst decreasing absenteism. You don’t have to be a daredevil to get more movement on the workfloor. It is therefore not necessary to purchase a ball pit or a table tennis table.


Did you know that improving the acoustics provides 30% less distraction and stress?


Research shows that office workers loose 86 minutes by distraction every day. By taking the right measures to improve the acoustics there can be gained much in the comfort and productivity in the workplace. Time to go check out this signal to listen carefully!


Acoustics advice


Common acoustics problems Common complaints about acoustics are about the reverberation. That is caused by hard, smooth surfaces. Disturbing is also the metallic ‘flutter echo’ by parallel walls and ceilings. Whatever your problem is, your solution starts with personal advice. Because your space and interior design will be different from the others. And therefore your acoustic office solutions as well.  


Numerous factors will determine the sound of your space. So accoustic products will only be half of the solution. A wide range of solutions are available in the market:


Acoustic baffles 


Acoustic panels 


Acoustic plates


Acoustic wall panels


Acoustic screens


Acoustic ceiling


Acoustic paintings


Office-partition walls


Sound-absorbing curtains


Sound-absorbing panels


Beautiful acoustics, beautiful interior


However, please consider the following: the product is only half of your solution. Whichever components may be the solution for your acoustics, the proper placement of these will determine the effectiveness.  


Our solutions for your acoustics are not only effective, but also beautiful from an interior design point of view. Because like you, we want your décor tastefully. To do this, we create an appropriate atmosphere. Because the right emotion into your room is as important as the sound. Especially in a business environment. That’s why our advices and products acoustic and aesthetically pleasing. Our solutions are not infrequently even visually of added value. Your modern acoustic processing goes inconspicuous in your furnishing style, or enriched this on beautiful manner.