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Madden NFL 21: The Best Playbooks For Better Offensive

In the Madden franchise one of the most important things to guarantee success is the playbooks (another one of which would be Madden coins, of course). We all know that the NFL teams have a different set of skills and a few superstars. These skills and players can change the match, but they need a playbook that puts them in the best position to do so.

In the next guide, we will show the best playbooks in Madden NFL 21 to make the best offensive. We will include only the standard playbooks built into the game.

From the NFC West came some of the best standard playbooks for the offensive. We refer especially to the Seahawks and 49ers playbooks.

In the case of the Seahawks is perfect to the player how wants to emphasize the blitz more than most teams do in real life. With this playbook formation your opponent won’t be able to know if you’re planning to attack the middle of the field, play the flats, or run a draw.

In the other hand, the 49ers playbook is awesome too, but is very different. It’s more a formation with a heavy run with zone blocking efforts on many plays from the linemen. It’s perfect for players how likes possessing the football for full quarters at a time.

The best passing playbook is from the New England Patriots. Especially the I Form Tight is the best running formation thanks to their variety of Gun formations. Also, the Gun Split Close Pats is the best Gun Split Close thanks to the unique plays that aren’t available elsewhere.

The best running playbook is from the Las Vegas Raiders. We know that running is very important to win so The Singleback and I Form are both great under center formations to run the ball from.

And finally, the best-balanced playbook is from New Orleans Saints. It’s characterized by his balance between defense and mixes runs with passing attacks. So experiment all you want with this playbook to guarantee success in every match. 

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