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NBA 2K21: Tips For A Better Experience

NBA 2K 21 is more than ever under the spotlights. As time goes by, it seems more and more unlikely that Electronic Arts will release an NBA live this year. 2K games has a unique opportunity to win the hearts of the fans.

However, the current generation version of the game is not perfect to say the least. In this article, we will give you tips to help you enjoy the game more.


Locker Codes

2K games is offering locker code to the fans. These codes are available for a limited time and will give you different rewards.

CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAM will give you a clutch pack, a consumable pack or two tokens. That code will expire on September 18 so you still have a few days to use it.

SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERS will give you a Playoff Stoppers pack, a consumable pack a contract pack or a token. Lastly,MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB will give you a token, a shoes pack, a contract pack and a basketball pack.


Tips For A Good Start In Myteam

Some of NBA 2K21 game mode offer a real challenge to newcomers. MyTeam for example, is hard at the beginning. Here are some tips to have a better start. First, you must learn to manage your VC smartly. VC are the mode’s currency, they will allow you to get the better players for your team. The best strategy is to buy the player packs that correspond to your needs. A good way to spend less VC is to complete the weekly challenges. The rewards are often player cards with good stats.

Another way to get players cards without spending all your VC is the Domination mode. That mode will put you against some of the best players in Basketball history in a series of very difficult challenges. The Triple Threat mode will also allow you to earn rewards that will help you. Every 100 wins in that mode will give you a special card. At 100 wins,you will get an Amethyst Isaiah Rider; at 200 wins, you get Diamond Stephon Marbury and, at 300 wins, you get a Diamond JaVale McGee.300 is the maximum for the moment.

If you want to find a more efficient way to earn MTs. MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.