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Why does law enforcement need ANPR?

The job of a law enforcement official is very serious. The safety and privacy of the public depends very much on the law enforcers as they have the means to access our privacy and keep us safe. Using an automatic number plate recognition software to collect the number plate information from any and all vehicles is one of the ways law enforcement officials can keep us and our privacy safe. If a police officer is tasked with collecting that data on their own, it is very possible that mistakes can be made, but they will not be tolerated because those mistakes will cost somebody their safety. This is why they use ANPR, it helps law enforcement collect that data in a safe and efficient way without mistakes. Read more about why our law enforcers need ANPR and how they use it.


How do law enforcers use ANPR?

The ANPR system uses a few components to make it work as it’s supposed to. Firstly, there is the camera. The camera is used to scan for the number plates, law enforcement officials will put the camera on their car where it can get a decent view of the cars that pass by. The camera will automatically scan the number plates of any passing vehicle. The scans of the number plate data will be saved at once and sent to a central database to be processed. This data will then be used in a multitude of ways, but they can also stay in the database if there is no use for them yet.

How is the ANPR data used by law enforcement?

Thankfully, the ANPR system works very well for law enforcement. So the many data they collect is put to very good use. The collected data make their jobs a lot more easier. Here are just a few of the ways the automatic number plate recognition data is used. 

  • If there are vehicles that have been reported missing or stolen, the ANPR data makes it a lot easier for those vehicles to be located.

  • A comparison of the ANPR database and their criminal database can assist in finding or observing known criminals or make any connections they haven’t been able to do without the ANPR data. 

  • Creating intelligence reports about any locations law enforcement needs to keep track of is done easier with the ANPR data.